3D Archery tournaments Eurasia Grand Prix

Eurasia Grand Prix

Eurasia Grand Prix is one of the most prominent 3D Archery tournaments. It presents archers with a wonderful opportunity to demonstrate their skills and gain a competition experience.

We made a decision to get together the best archers and find the best of the best. We put together all archery bow classes by way of using coefficients, which are based on the results of the world best archers in each division.

The two day tournament is organised with the assistance of the Eurasia association, there are going to be two different courses. You will have an opportunity to take part in exciting events, and the picturesque nature of the Urals will contribute to your overall experience and restful stay.


Eurasia Grand Prix tournament welcomes Russian archers as well as competitors from other countries.

Grand Prix will help to unite people enjoying 3D archery who would like to test their skills in an unusual mixed class competition, which will offer a chance to find out overall best archers, ‘un-classified’!

Grand Prix will be organised in classes and divisions in line with the international rules in 3D archery. There will be 4 bow classes: compound, barebow, instinctive and longbow. Two rounds with 24 targets.

There are 8 award categories based on the results of the two rounds.

The final results are determined taking coefficients into account.

You can find more detailed rules of the Grand Prix in the Official Charter


The winner of the Grand Prix is considered to be an athlete, who has the most points in three rounds, taking into account the coefficients.

The Grand Prix award categories include: medals, money prizes, ranking for the duration of the season.

The winners in each division and bow class receive Grand Prix medals.

All Grand Prix participants are placed in the overall archery ranking.


We have endeavoured to find the most picturesque as well as symbolic place for The Grand Prix. The tournament will take place on the border between Europe and Asia, in the place offering a stunning natural landscape as well as intuitively perfect sporting location – the banks of river Chusovaya. This is the most geographically and historically famous river in the Urals region; it is the only river that has worked its way through the Ural Mountains. It has its beginning on the Asian continent, crosses the ancient mountainous range and then emerges on the European side of the Urals. The majestic forests and steep rocks allow for creating two unique courses – with variable heights, imitation of a real hunt in a forest, or field, or mountains.


All athletes will be able to live in a luxurious holiday village that has a capacity to accommodate more than three hundred people, where you could go for a refreshing swim in a clear river or visit the famous Kourov Observatory nearby, or go kayaking down the river, or go horse riding or on a walk tour of natural and historical monuments in the area.

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